Sarokaar …

I feel like the way I run this blog space is completely opposite of what I expect when considering talking about my first book Sarokaar!

In other I was talking less here on Tumblr in the past few months as I was firmly in the book launch and editing itself. The fear of many amateur writers like me is usually that they don’t want to feel like the launch period is spent shouting “Buy my Book”

But more than that; the book is now in readers hand. And that is what is so thrilling for me to see that- The effect of Sarokaar which is now not only about relationship of Aisha & Fayaz (characters of the book) but also a relationship between a reader and the book.

There has been so much going on in Fayaz and Aisha life. I say it as bittersweet life.
And today and tomorrow, I read Sarokaar and I found that so much of it wasn’t- perhaps couldn’t be known by the readers. This has been the most amazing & quite honestly the most emotional story of any two lovers. Even I feel surprise when I read edited spots in the book.

I hope Sarokaar will continue to sell well and take on a life of its own - a life with its readers. I tried to create something that will remain in the tiny corners of the people’s mind and their experiences in this world.

I will be pausing at the very least as Aisha & Fayaz assess what they have accomplished in adverse conditions and what is left to be created in favourable ones.

On that note-Bye! See you! AllahHafiz!



A Heaven on Earth

"The most beautiful word in any language is Mother & its equivalents. Because the word mother not only epitomises & encapsulates all thats lovely and beautiful in this world, but also the most divine in the whole universe"
-John Stuart Mill (The English Philosopher I admire the most)

A bond between any child and his mother is much stronger than that of man’s love for God. Because god cannot be everywhere, hence he created Mother.
The holy Quran states that Allah has in his heart, the love of 70 mothers.

Mother’s love is boundless because she carries her child in her womb for nine months. That bond is peerless in the spectrum of the human relationships & emotions.

Being a male and a son, though not a father; but I agree to the fact that the way a mother relates & understands her child, a father cannot. Mother always takes centre stage and the core of closeness in the life of every individual.

The love for Mom is something that needs to be felt & experienced from inside not to be described in words. But here’s is my small attempt:

I often contemplate my childhood; Mom,
I am matured now and so I know,
Hardwork is mixed together with the fun,
You learned me that when you raised me long ago.

I think of all the things you gave to me,
Sacrifice, devotion, love and tears,
Your heart, your mind, your energy and soul,
All these you spent on me throughout the years.

You loved me with a never failing love,
You gave me strength and sweet security,
And then you deal hardest thing of all,
You let me separate to chase my dreams all.

Everyday; Husain try his best to be,
A person like the person you want him to be..

Happy Mother’s Day to all the greatest Mums in the world.
Thank you.



Silence …

God is the friend of silence. See how nature - trees, grass, grow in silence. See the stars, the moon, the sun how they move in silence. We need silence to be able to touch souls.

We traditionally devote time to loving, giving and gratitude. The quiet and to peace. If not, than I think we should give ourselves the gift of silence to have a chance to really enjoying the experience of celebration.

Even while writing this post, my thoughts emerge from the nothingness of silence. Every essence is emerged from emptiness. Going into the quiet and listening always heal and inspire me.

In connect to this, I tell you one story about my Mom!
She shaped my faith in God & Silence.
The way she loves, the way she welcomes me, the way she was to be with me on those silent mornings & nights..!!

I remember one night years ago when my old nemesis, Fear started to choke the joy out of my daily routine life. The memories of my Mom’s way with me broke those chains..

We can experience solace in silence, We can also experience fear in silence.
Its known fact that if you want to find God and want to talk with him, silence is foremost. Thats the reason that at every religious place we find quiteness.

Silence has different meaning in different contexts. For example if you are steering the ship towards the shore and you find silence amidst sea, that means “Danger Ahead.”

The reason I talk about silence and its contexts is to connect my earlier story of Aisha & Fayaz. Thats the how the life of Fayaz and Aisha was going those days. What danger they face ahead? Where there ship heading towards? I will try to describe in my next post.

Till then bye. Shaba-al-Khair.
Assalm Alaikum.



International Woman’s Day

I remember one quote “Pain when delivered in excess brings a strange happiness..”

Pain observed in others, more specially in them, that never did get the opportunity to live fully shall only express pain. Not only in terms of their sufferings but to them that spend their time with them.

Today is 08th March, celebrated as International Woman’s Day. But one survey of Indian husband’s proves that 365 days in a year is woman’s day in their home. Haha..

But now on a serious note, I want to take a minute to note recent happenings which makes us to put in shame. Its really shameful in our country where Lady Goddesses are worshipped but women suffers in silence.

I don’t understand why girl is unwanted. From the time she is conceived, her life ends in the womb, thrown in gutter or becomes part of hospital waste. We know about terrible figures of sex-ratio in many states of India. We also know shocking statistics on health threats to women, sexual violence, cultural and religious factors, trafficking and molestation in various parts of India. In the end, sufferer is Women.

Many committees, women empowerment cells, stringent laws, bills have been introduced to fight against such crimes. But in vain. We should show concern about these happenings and rise to fight against it.

Women are important part of anyone’s life. Being a mother, sister, daughter or a friend. Women are active in all professions right from rickshaw driver to pilot of aircraft. From small scale cottage industry to large scale business CEO. A sincere mark of respect to all women in the world for their contribution in making the life of their husband, father, brother, son-daughter or friend a wonderful one. Thank You.

And about me, after undergoing treatment this week I am back to normal. Some dose of medicines, injection and tests I am feeling better now. Thanks to the doctor (again she is a lady doctor) for making me well.

Thanks for your wishes and Good bye.
Will see you soon in my next post.

Assalam Alaikum.



Highway (2014)

Hi Friends,

22nd February 2014, Saturday was little unusual than my normal routine. I woke up late, laziness in the body didn’t allow me to go kitchen to prepare breakfast.

Around 12:30pm I had tea and breakfast which you can also say lunch. Then decided to go for a movie “Highway”. I was excited about this movie since I had watched the promotion trailer. It was a brilliant work of Imtiaz Ali and music score by Sir A.R. Rahmaan.

It was long time that I have sat for a good movie, which I enjoyed completely, saw something which is never imagined that this experience can give us such a pleasure. This is what I experienced with Veera (Alia Bhatt) in the film. Her acting was so natural that anyone can experience her pain, joy, happiness as well as grief.

She looks gorgeous. She didn’t look like any doll or baby unlike in her first film.

From the very first shot- you can tell about the character of Veera. She takes us through myriad of emotions. Her comic timing, her way of expressing dialogues and her facial expressions was brilliant.

She was crazy in the movie and her journey through Highways. As she was brought up and bound by societys good-girl tag. She explore each moment of her life after being kidnapped accidentally.

Personally, I can’t disconnect myself with Veera’s journey as I feel I am also integral part of it. There were many shots in which there is an implosive silence in the film yet it catches your attention till the end.

Similarly, Mahaveer (Randeep Hooda) has worked wonderfully and had delivered 100% justice to the character. Yeah.! At some points you can feel that chemistry between two (Veera & Mahaveer) is missing. But though an unlikely couple, for romance to kick-in, display of care and responsibility feels both character perfectly casted.

A story of a hooligan from a village of Haryana, and a city bred (Amiran) who belong to powerful family of Chandigarh teaches importance of relationships, his mother, seriousness of life to Mahaveer in the complete highway journey.

Amazing landcscapes of Kashmir, Himachal and inner views of Rajasthan, highway journeys keeps you connected with the movie. Minimal use of background score by Rahman Sir still keeps you more engaged. Characters grow up gradually as the film progresses, a tough job to convey in pure sense, but the way Imtiaz Ali did was perfect.

Its an overall emotional, comic and a violent story with a social message. Inshallah will come back with details on one of the Rajasthani folk song played in the movie. (Meaningful song)

I completely loved the film. It was my best in the year of 2014 till now. That Sooha Saha lori is also over my mind.

Will come soon, till then Bye! Take care! Enjoy the weekend and have fun.



I’m very much inspired by Nature - I look at things around me and get all kinds of inspiration daily.

I am wonder at times if women are one of the God’s best creation in the entire universe, holding the throne of this vast ocean of womankind is the priviledge of motherhood.

I feel I am still so short in my efforts to recognize and salute the spirit of millions of mothers around the globe. Everyone’s mother is so special and their best in the list of all the mothers of the world. So on this note, I want to take a minute to wish my mother a very Happy Birthday. May Almighty Allah, grant him healthy and fab life in the years more to come. Aamin

I recollect one instance when I was a kid and was roaming with my father in the garden on one Sunday. He said: Nature is so full of beauty, green fields, flowers, butterflies and birds have so much to sing.

They sing about the morning, and also about the setting sun. About traffic horns, and pastures of the fields. These birds wherever they live they adopts human houses very easily. Their chirping wakes us up for morning prayers and to welcome a fresh new day. It also when we return home and they return to their nest. Its like we lived with them and they lived with us. But today I thought that, are we really living together..?

Really… Really…??

Alas! That is not the case. Though it is a colourful world, we simply forgot because we never complain about anything in life. We quietly tried to adopt our world in our own little way. We sadly fail in our efforts to admire the beauty of the world around. After so many years I can find my father’s little story on nature as irrelevant. Because its no more exists. Like love..


This is best shown in the movie “3 idiots” by Rajkumar Hirani. Love is something ‘jaisa filmo mein hota hai ho raha hai..’ The feeling of attraction and love is there.. But they hardly have any time or scope to pursue it seriously because career has to be settled first. Romance takes a backseat till one settles down in certain other important aspects of life.

Instead of jumping into every romantic song of Hindi cinema, we need to go back to the pure, sacrificing love of olden days; when you practically waited for the time to ripe, for the loved one to accept your affection and the time when songs like ‘yeh shaam mastaani..’ & ‘pal pal dilke paas..’ slowly or gradually evoked the feeling to strengthen towards firm relationship.

So friends, now have to say good night. Allah Hafiz.
God Bless.



Art of Music Composition

The main aim of the art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inner significance.

The beauty of art fascinates me alot. Don’t you.? It fascinates me not just because of what artist had conveyed or included in his/her piece of work. But it fascinates me for what he/she had excluded from it. I always find this to be true in every form of creative art, whether it is photography, painting, literature, architecture, sculpture, writing or music.

When I see the famous painting of Monalisa, I can easily visualize the beauty and colours used in it. But infact it is very difficult to make out the colours excluded, which could have spoil the beauty of painting.
In the same way when is I see statues of Ajanta Ellora, I can see every aspect of artistic process. Initially it was a just a piece of stone out of which sculptor removes unnecessary stones. The resultant is - Statue.

In Music as well, this demarcation is very difficult to appreciate because it is difficult to judge what composer has excluded.  We take music casually, the thing which can be listen in leisure time. We do not wear the hat of a composer and think about what composer has excluded to make this track fabulous.

Art is proper task of life.
-Oscar Wilde

Believe me that in Music, there are very few instances where the art of exclusion can be studied and experienced. It is not easy to read the composer brain or composition process. It is an insightful journey if you can experience that.

Being a fan of A.R.Rahmaan sir, the only way I can engage in his composition process is by sitting in the studio and studying and improvising all notes of him. This is fortunately what aspiring musicians do.

The musical notations and their exploration by Indian composers has always remain exceptional. But unfortunately, we have remain just a casual listener with no way to appreciate the art or understand them.

For me, there is no point of difference between music & science. In both the fields appreciation also needs some specialized knowledge of the same. Music is also an art of science.

I think I should end this post here.. It ‘s 03:55am now and have to wake up early also.

But I have lot more to say on this friends. I will surely be back with the continuation of this in my next post.

Till then take care.. Bye..
Allah Hafiz.



Hallimane - The Restaurant Review

Hi friends, Hope you all are doing good. Its almost three-four weeks, I have updated this blog.

The restaurant Hallimane, in Malleswaram area of Bangalore City mainly known for its authentic Karnataka cuisine.

I went there for the first time with the friends for dinner yesterday. I really liked the way they try to keep food & taste simple and authentic.

When I talk about South Indian food; first thing come to your head is Idli, Dhosa, wada, sambhar, coconut chutney.. Right..??
But here, we were served with an authentic 5 course meal on the plantain green leaves and that too we have to check it out.

The staff at Hallimane really go up the way to give you the whole feel of Karnataka. Their uniform dress, traditional decoration and rangoli flowers at entrance add extra flavour.

Bitter neem leaves and jaggery is offered at the time of entrance. Then my friend told me that this is traditional way of welcoming guests in Karnataka. There were some fruit juices served as refreshments. (thank god.. juices were not bitter..)

First, there is no specific seating arrangements; it is more like a marriage hall. You have to search for a seat irrespective of anyone else sitting next to you. Vey noisy, people and waiters moving around. But inspite of heavy rush entire place was very clean.

Second, there are no plates; you have to arrange for your own plantain green leaves.

Third, there was no menu card; 4 types of standard meal combo available.

We have to buy coupons at the counter (by standing in a long queue) and after finding seats for ourselves we were started getting served by a team of waiters.

Following are the dishes included in the meal: (I know I will miss out few things.)
- Few vegetable curries,
- range of pickles,
- 10 different types of rice served with rasam, sambhar, curd, daal and god knows what else…
- happala,
- sandige,
- bhajji,
- Range of chutneys in different colours..
Being a gujarati, I was waiting for pooris or bhakhris.. but it didn’t came.
(After seeing all this I ate nothing except Mysore pak which was served at last..)

But for those who love Karnataka food, for them this restaurant is like heaven. Though I am not a huge fan of South Indian food, but I must really appreciate their efforts to keep the tradition and taste of the region alive.

And as we left, it was different exit door where we are served with beetle leaves+bananas. I ate 4-5 small bananas in a row. Aap soch rahe honge yeh kya.? But I was really hungry because only Mysore pak is not enough to fill my stomach.

Overall a nice, a warm, and a unique experience. I don’t know about taste but the service and behaviour of staff was fantastic.

The patrons normally are families, friends and senior people. Parking facility available. Don’t go alone if you don’t know kannada language, otherwise you will see stars in a day. Accompany with kannada speaking friend.

So to wrap this piece here.. For me it was great experience. Looking forward to never go there again.. Hahaha..

Thank You.
Have a great Sunday tomorrow.
Allah Hafiz



Some people feel the rain.. Others just get wet..

Hi Friends,
Hope you all doing good.

Hmm.. one more of sunday when sleep refuses to honour me early. So I thought that lets utilize this wonderful time in writing something rather than tosing on the bed. So I switched on my laptop and started updating a blog.

But friends, I have no thoughts right now coming in my mind. I think due to pleasant weather outside my mind had went into relax mode.

Ever since I remember, I’ve loved rains.. the lighter the better. And being in Bangalore rain often bring pleasure to me.

The love story started when someone in my childhood days told me that when people in the sky cries, their tears that brings rain.
And Yes.! I choose to believe it. Not that I don’t know the scientific theory but I choose to give it a damn and believe in this childhood theory.

If I look back in the past for all the times that I had during rain, I laughed and enjoyed. And also if I look back with a smile for all the times I had during rain, I cried alone.

Life has filled me with experiences to create a history of my ownself and I alone can remember them all.

- The first time I balanced myself on my bicycle was in monsoon.

- The first time she said “Yes” and it was five years since I proposed. (I am joking but that too was during monsoon)

- The first cry, the first step, the first word. Infact all my childhood memories I can recollect are in monsoon.

- The first award, the first public appreciation, the first shivering stage performance everything takes place when it was raining.

- And the list is endless.. I can’t express due to limited words capacity in the blog.

Rain will go away, time will paas, slow economy will revive, depreciating currency will appreciate, everything will happen on it’s own time.

But I don’t want that in future when I question myself- “What you did in your past life” At that time I have to answer that- “Did nothing but stayed in gloom.”
So a gentle reminder to my relaxed brain- “Move On.”

To make a statement with the way I want my life to Move On- “How you think has nothing to do with how much you have.” So Move On guys and never stop.

All the Best. Thank you for reading. Have a great week ahead.
Bangaloreans.! Enjoy the sunday night with rain.

Will meet you soon in my next post. Till then Bye. Take Care.



Eid-ul-Adha 2013

Hello friends. Hope you all are doing good.

The great day of festival is here. Yes, Eid-ul-Adha is the greatest of two Eids.

After watching Hajj 2013 news report on TV channel, a wave of nostalgia swept over me as I sat, and surrounded by dreams of my own Hajj journey to Mecca.

I want to write about  how huge and probably a powerful experience a Hajj journey is for any Muslim.

The Annual meeting of Muslimeen from every corner of the world happens in the holy city of Mecca (A city in Saudi Arabia). It is obviously an event of huge significance: spiritually, socially & politically.

I want to say to all Haajji’s who embarked for Hajj 2013:
“Mubarak, you have been called by Almighty on the greatest of all journeys. You are currently in the world’s most sacred city of Mecca. You are there for higher purposes, please pray, implore and seek.”

The performance of Hajj marks the acknowledgment of God and his prophets (Nabi’s).

Hajj is that event which marks the establishment of Islam on earth since the time of Nabi Ibrahim (S.A.W.) Believers offer sacrifice to celebrate this great day as shown to mankind by Nabi Ibrahim (S.A.W.)

Rich or famous, powerful or influent: You are insignificant when you present yourself in front of holy Kaaba.

My cousin brother Huzaifa is fortunate enough to go to Mecca this year to perfom Hajj. Congratulations to him.
I request him to please return to India Fi Amanillah with these 5 things for me:

1. Zamzam water
2. Arabian Dates
3. Prayer caps & mats
4. Arabic coffee and tea leaves
5. Attr and Perfume

Muslimeen will give charity, offer sweets, dress their children, feed neighbours and will help needy people on this day of Eid. Inshallah.
As Humanity, Sacrifice and Charity is our way.

Qurbani by non-Hujjaj (those who are not performing Hajj) will also proves how that great event in Mecca Mukarrama have been celebrated all around the world as a symbolic unity with global believer’s community.

With this I request all Haajjis for doa and supplication. Who know? Almighty may be listening to you as your journey has already started towards the mountain of Al-Arafa.



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